Love for nature is at the core of our business. Great Northwest Installations was founded with the belief that what we do every day affects our environment. It’s our decision on how we do it that makes the difference. We are proud to be affiliates of several entities and utility companies that share this same belief.

At Great Northwest Installations, we specialize in heat pump water heater installations. Every call is treated with the utmost care to ensure we provide valuable information and several options other than a traditional like-for-like replacement. Our passion is to serve our community and offer the most efficient water heating products on the market at an affordable price. We do this by helping our customers take advantage of cash incentives and rebates available to them.

By allowing this transformation in every home, we accomplish our goals. Our customers will save money, save energy, and save our planet.

Chinook Plumbing

We have participated in other programs in promoting heat pump water heaters. We have installed many in the last ten years.