Cash for HPWHs

Cash-in with the Greener Water Heater Promotion!

Each heat pump water heater installation = extra cash in your wallet.
Cash for Heat Pump Water Heaters
From May 10 – Aug. 31, 2021, every qualifying heat pump water heater installation earns you a reward.*
  • 1st installation: $300
  • 2-4 installations: $100 each
  • 5th installation: $400
  • 6 or more installation: $200 each

When you have completed a project,
use this form to claim rewards

*Subject to Availability & Terms

  • Rewards Claimed 50% 50%
How do I participate?

To participate in the promotion, you must:

  • Be enrolled in the Comfort Ready Home Residential Contractor Network.
  • Be licensed in your state.
  • Perform eligible heat pump water heater installations (see below).
How will I get paid?

You will receive an electronic Visa gift card — on behalf of your local participating utility — for the qualifying installations you report to Comfort Ready Home. Rewards will be distributed monthly.

To qualify for the promotion, eligible installations must be:
  • Located in a participating utility’s service area.
  • Installed in an existing Single-family or manufactured home. Multifamily, new construction and commercial installations will not qualify.
  • Performed by a licensed contractor enrolled in the Comfort Ready Home Residential Contractor Network. Self-installs will not qualify.
  • Completed according to BPA program requirements.
  • The heat pump water heater installed must be listed on the BPA Qualified Products List. Split systems will not qualify.
  • Installed on or after May 10, 2021, and no later than Aug. 31, 2021. If sufficient funds available as of Aug. 15, Comfort Ready Home may choose to extend the promotional period to Sept. 15, 2021.

Brush up on your skills
with our online trainings

A new 2-part heat pump water heater course has been added to the online Learning Center:
Heat Pump Water Heater Opportunities and Installation Considerations
  1. Module 1: Heat Pump Water Heater Opportunities: This course outlines the business case and value proposition for selling HPWHs, and helps you identify qualifying homes.
  2. Module 2: Heat Pump Water Heater Installation Considerations: This course provides specific technical training and considerations for installers

Tools to help you boost your
heat pump water heater sales

Download the heat pump water heater marketing toolkit, which includes:
  • A landing page template for your website.
  • Tips for creating and marketing a special installation offer.
  • A sample Facebook advertising plan.
  • Additional sales and installation resources.

Participation in the Comfort Ready Home Cash-in with the Greener Water Heater promotion is subject to Terms and Conditions.