Women-Owned Business Spotlight: Total Quality Air

For years, Rosie Garcia’s husband, Carlos, worked for HVAC businesses and spent stretches on the road away from the family. Eventually, the pair decided to venture out on their own and started Total Quality Air in Pasco, WA. They moved into a tiny office building with a small storage space and got to work. Rosie, a mother and full-time schoolteacher, added the title business owner to her already busy schedule.

Through the Garcias’ hard work, dedication and strong family bond, the Total Quality Air team grew year after year. After a sprint of hiring, Rosie made the choice to leave teaching and focus on the HVAC business. As she reflects on that time, she realized that one person can only do so much. “You always have to grind as a business owner, but I had to realize when it was time to bring more employees on,” she said. And that’s what Total Air Quality did, purchasing a building in Pasco and growing the team to more than 16 people.

When Rosie is asked what she values most about how the business is run, family is the common theme. “My daughter’s upbringing taught me a lot about the need for flexibility for family and the people we love,” she said. “It isn’t uncommon to see children in the office somedays.” She runs the business by relying on the family that is created by prioritizing a comfortable workspace with open communication.

Another way that Rosie and Carlos have made Total Quality successful is by taking advantage of Comfort Ready Home’s support, working with dedicated Field Specialist David Olivas and attending in-person trainings. Rosie says, “I’m looking forward to continuing to work with David. He has been one of our best support systems; if he doesn’t know the answer, he will make sure to find someone who does.”

We are proud to support and recognize the women-owned businesses participating in the Comfort Ready Home Contractor Network.