Contractor Spotlight: Sure Flame, LLC

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When Paul Bennet co-founded Sure Flame, LLC in 2019, his mission was to bring friendly, cost-effective fireplace repair and HVAC services to his hometown of Scappoose, OR, and the nearby Portland Metro Area. Sure Flame grew quickly by responding to families and businesses in need of a knowledgeable HVAC company. Sure Flame fulfills this need by educating customers about the benefits of energy-efficient equipment, such as ductless heat pumps and heat pump water heaters, and showing them how to maintain the equipment after installation.

“We’re always looking out for our customers. We make sure they’re aware of available incentives and rebates for installing energy-efficient equipment, which helps save them money in the long term,” said Jason Bennett, co-owner of Sure Flame. “The Comfort Ready Home program connects us to local utilities and incentive programs, allowing us to offer our customers the latest and greatest savings. The program also helps us stay up-to-date on best practices for installations and provides us with opportunities to claim rewards for installing heat pump water heaters.”

When deciding if a home is a good fit for a ductless heat pump or heat pump water heater, Sure Flame’s strategy is tried and true. “We make our recommendations based on where the unit can be placed, the overall condition of the house and what the customer wants as the final outcome,” said Bennett.

“While they don’t work for every home, we let our customers know about other ways they can increase the comfort and energy efficiency of their home, such as weatherization. It’s all about finding the right energy solution for each unique customer.”

As a local, family business that cares about their community, Sure Flame looks forward to serving more customers in Columbia County and beyond using the Comfort Ready Home program and customer referrals.