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Electric Hybrid Water Heater Technology Overview & Customer Solutions

Hot Water Solutions provides top contractors and plumbers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana with Electric Hybrid Water Heater (EHWH) technology and sales training. Installers are invited to participate in this presentation which shares tools to increase sales and customer satisfaction with EHWHs. Specific topics covered include: an overview of EHWH functionality, installation considerations, accurate […]

Refrigerant Testing for PTCS Heat Pump Installations

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Checking for proper refrigerant charge is important for every heat pump installation. With the assortment of available heat pump technologies, we are now encountering different manufacturer suggested charge testing methods. This live webinar will discuss testing methods typically used to meet the PTCS requirements, how to input the information into the PTCS registry, and questions and answers regarding refrigerant testing.

PTCS Air Source Heat Pump

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Note: Remote trainings require both a classroom and field portion be completed before certification is received. The information below is regarding the classroom portion which must be completed before scheduling the field portion. Instructor: Bruce Manclark RSVP Contact: Eric Timon at